Guardianship and Elder Law

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Guardianship Administration

People of all ages can become physically or cognitively incapacitated. When this happens, they may need legal representation to ensure that their personal needs are still met and to help guard against abuse, exploitation or fraud. Dunlap Moran’s Private Wealth Practice Group offers attorneys experienced in all varieties of guardianship matters, whether representing the guardian or the incapacitated person, including contested guardianships and uncontested matters (guardianships that are agreed to and desired by family and friends). Our attorneys also represent all interested parties with respect to health care and durable power of attorney issues. We respectfully advocate for the least-restrictive means to help ensure the dignity of the ward and peace of mind for their loved ones.

Elder Law

As Elder Law attorneys, our mission is to uphold our client’s ability to determine the course of their lives and to protect their important legal rights as they age.  The values that guide us are integrity, compassion, and zealous representation.

We help our clients navigate the challenges of aging through planning, dispute resolution and when necessary, litigation of disputes in judicial or administrative forums.  We assist our clients in planning for disability, incapacity, long-term care, and their estates. In the realm of dispute resolution and litigation, we work with our clients to find strategic solutions to conflict.

We represent vulnerable adults, guardians, personal representatives, trustees, beneficiaries, and other interested parties.

A special focus of our practice is representation of vulnerable adults, fiduciaries, beneficiaries, and other interested parties in complex and disputed guardianship cases.

To achieve our mission, we integrate knowledge across a constellation of practice areas that include:

Guardianship Administration

Trust & Estate Administration

Wills & Trusts

Powers of Attorney & Health Care Advance Directives

Special Needs Trusts

Public Benefits

Long-Term Care Planning

 Guardianship Litigation

 Trust & Estate Litigation

 Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults


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