Business Law

Services Offered

Banking Law and Lender Representation

The firm’s Business Law Practice Group serves individuals, businesses, institutional and other lenders in connection with loans and other financing transactions. Our clients include community, regional and national lenders both in commercial and residential transactions. We additionally represent borrowers seeking assistance in many types of financing structures for single and mixed-use projects, commercial developments and residential subdivisions. The attorneys in this practice group have been at the pinnacle of the Southwest Florida real estate market for many years, and have consistently provided clients with legal counsel in all aspects of banking and finance matters. This experience, coupled with Dunlap Moran’s other areas of specialty, allows us to provide competent and comprehensive representation to our clients and contributes to their overall satisfaction in all areas of the firm’s practice.

Business Transactions and Entity Formation

Business Law involves a variety of legal services from assisting individual entrepreneurs in forming new companies, to providing a wide range of services to clients with existing businesses.

Services provided by our Business Law Practice Group include:

  • Forming entities such as corporations, limited liability companies, professional associations, non-profits and partnerships.
  • Maintaining existing entities for clients so they are in full compliance with state and federal laws.
  • Professional guidance for all tax matters related to clients’ business operations.
  • Negotiating the sale or purchase of existing companies.
  • Handling business asset purchases or sales.
  • Negotiating and preparing commercial leases.
  • Assisting with company restructuring including mergers and acquisitions.
  • Handling shareholder buy outs and stock sales via stockholder agreements, pledges and transfers.
  • Effectuating membership sales through membership transfer agreements and operating agreements.
  • Preparing financial documents for transactions including promissory notes, security agreements and Uniform Commercial Code filings.
  • Preparing employee, independent contractor, non-compete and confidentiality agreements.
  • Working through business disputes.

Handling dissolutions of business entities. From start-ups to complex enterprises, the attorneys of our Business Law Practice Group are available to provide superior quality legal advice and representation with all of your business entity needs.